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What exactly are prosthetics and orthotics? Simply put, prosthetics and orthotics are devices that are customized to help aid those individuals with conditions such as limb loss, chronic pain and deformities. Oftentimes, people seek out the help of a medical professional when they have these conditions because they do not feel capable of doing the things necessary for treatment on their own. For many years, the Learn more about Philadelphia prosthetics. American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Plastic Surgery (ASMBS) has provided training, support and education to assist in selecting the right treatment plan for patients who have undergone significant injuries and prolonged periods of disability.

What are prosthetics and orthotics? Orthotics are flexible cushions that are specially fabricated to match or complement the natural curves of the human body and help to provide real-feel comfort and support. They also improve the ability to perform physical tasks since they greatly increase the body's range of motion and decrease the amount of friction that is felt by the artificial limbs. In addition, orthotics are designed to decrease any chance of irritation and promote healthy healing by reducing inflammation and improving blood flow. The most popular types of orthotics include cushioned heel lifts, gait corrections, arches, lumbar braces and splints.

How do orthotics work? Orthotic devices are one of the most innovative ways to correct conditions and restore mobility to the body part that has been affected. For example, arches provide the consumer with a way to regain the full use of the foot that was lost as a result of arthritis. Lumbar braces provide a convenient and reliable method of controlling lower back pain and elongate the spine, which has long since been a factor in causing severe back pain.

Why should patients consider using prosthetics and orthotics? Patients suffering from conditions such as chronic leg pain or Knee osteoarthritis should definitely consider using prosthetics to help regain some or all of their mobility. Because many times traditional therapy regimens do not take into consideration all aspects of a patient's condition, prosthetic leg or limb can often be a much more beneficial solution. Furthermore, patients may find that using a prosthetic helps them regain a sense of control over their bodies. Many adults suffer from conditions that make it difficult to stand or walk, which can lead to serious health problems and even hospital admissions.

Is wearing prosthetics and orthoses right for me? In most cases, yes! There is no reason why anyone who suffers from one of these conditions should not attempt to regain some or all of their mobility through the use of prosthetics and orthoses.

Study materials include detailed descriptions and illustrations of how prosthetics and orthotics work and the potential benefits of using both together. Get more info about cranial helmet for babies. Students will also have the opportunity to apply for federal funding, receive hands-on experience with in vitro cell culture technologies, perform a clinical study of biological therapies using human umbilical cord blood, and be exposed to cutting edge prosthetics research. Students will also be exposed to current technology advances in the area of biofabrication as well as learn about current methods of creating permanent artificial limbs. Students may decide to continue their education after completing this degree by pursuing a Master of Science degree in the biological sciences, specializing in prosthetics or orthotics. With a Bachelors degree in the biological sciences and an abundance of stimulating and challenging academic programs to choose from, the New York University Bachelor of Science Degree in the biological sciences is the perfect degree program for someone who wants to help others. Learn more from

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